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New Fan & I bring icons

Hi all. I'm Cait from NSW. Seems I am a bit of a late bloomer to the wonderful works of Paullina. But better late than never eh? My austrian pen friend gave me 'The Girl in Times Square' back in '05 when she came to visit me and sadly I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read it and quickly put it down. But last week I picked it up and fell in love! Read it in about 4 days. Loved it. And some of my friends are telling me to read TBH. I will, but I just have to get Spencer out of my system first by reading 'Red Leaves'. I've got it on order at the library, should be here by the weekend ;) Proof (in the form of a fictional character) that older men are better :P

I loved how the family was real. Cause not every family is bright and happy and not everyone has it easy. There are characters like Anne, just out for the money and I know a 'McGill' type haha. I admit it did take me a day to get used to her style of writing in this book. But I got over it quickly and got into its rythym.

Can't wait to go blind reading them all into the wee hours of the night/morning!

I bring icons too ^_^


So there ya have it. Go the Irish by the way :D


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