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Paullina at the Melbourne cocktail event

I has videos!

I could have recorded Paullina's entire speech, but it's hard work trying to not shake a point and click camera and listen carefully at the same time. Needless to say I regret not recording question time 'cause that was seriously a good laugh. bookwormmel can second me on this.

Mainly Paullina talked about the inspiration for and ideas behind her new book, A Song in the Daylight. Interestingly our very own woop woop of a capital city, Canberra, plays a huge part, and plenty of other anecdotes are shared. But of course Paullina meandered into other territory, like, Alexander, to name but one thing that was of stark interest to us... :P

This is the second time I've gone to see Paullina, and naturally she didn't remember me at all, but hopefully given that this time I so ardently told her I am working on a painting of Tatiana and Alexander (a HUGE SMUTTY, PRACTICALLY PORNOGRAPHIC, CALLING TO MIND DIRTY LAUNDRY IN THE LAKE, CRAMPED STEAMY TENTS, CREME BRULEE ICE CREAM, CARAMEL EYES AND POTATO COUNTERS one) she seemed more excited about it than I was at the prospect (!). Expectations exponentially increased. Of course, this idea to paint TBH scenes has been on my mind ever since I first read The Bronze Horseman, so now that I've told Paullina, I am well and truly signed up for this gig. It's become a commission for myself, and for Paullina, and for you guys (the fans) too.


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